Wire Network

It is a third-generation, layer-1 blockchain. The online learning platform will use Wire Network’s blockchain and protocol stack including Universal Polymorphic Address Protocol (UPAP), Wire’s latest innovation, that solves bridgeless interoperability across all chains. Bridgeless interoperability will avoid the bridge attack vector that hackers have been exploiting across the industry and provide improved asset functionality regardless of the blockchain of origination.

Metakey announced a partnership with Wire Network, a 3rd-generation, Layer-1 blockchain, to support the relaunch of the free, ungated web3 education platform, Metakademy.

“Blockchain is often viewed as slower, costlier, and less performant than Web2 applications, but Wire Network is reversing that stigma by reducing costs while matching or exceeding the performance standards enterprises and individuals have come to expect from traditional web architecture,”

About Wire Network

Wire Network’s next generation tech stack simplifies the process of user registration; wallet creation; NFT creation; blockchain transactions; interoperability; and network consensus. Metakademy is pioneering the next wave of Web3 applications utilizing these features that will provide a definitive user growth advantage compared to products built on other chains. As per source


Metakey is developing additional Metaverse spaces that will allow users to combine the convenience of remote learning with the immersive, interactive and social elements of conventional institutions. The Metakey is a platform-agnostic and massively interoperable web3 utility creator. Metakey’s core product is a single token that can integrate with multiple platforms and games to transform into avatars; weapons; vehicles; grant access to virtual land and exclusive educational content; VIP experiences at virtual events; and much more.

“Metakademy is an evolving product to continue exploring these models and we couldn’t be happier to have the Wire team build and support this vision”

Adding to Metakademy’s capabilities, Wire Network’s innovative registration protocol which onboards new participants using only nameservice (username), email and password. Metakademy is powered by a Tier- II Wire Network Node, which allocates regenerative network resources to their whitelisted smart contract.

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