Namma Metro‘ recently started a new initiative that helps commuters book tickets and recharge their cards using WhatsApp, which will be available on every Android phone, ‘Namma Metro‘ passengers can avoid the hassle of standing in front of ticket counters to purchase tokens.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) said that it is the first metro service in the global transit space in the world to introduce WhatsApp end-to-end ticketing system, which means Namma Metro users will no longer have to carry tokens or smart cards when travelling. Users who buy tickets from the chatbot get a five per cent discount on the base of ticket fare.

“All you need to do is save the official BMRCL WhatsApp chatbot number (8105556677)”

BMRCL said how passengers can book tickets and recharge your cards using the newly introduced WhatsApp chatbot-based QR code ticketing system. Chatbot is available for both Android and IOS users in Kannada and English, the newly introduced chatbot ticketing system is really easy to use, find the number which you just saved in the contact list from BMRCL and send ‘Hi’. Here, you will see three options- ‘QR Tickets’, ‘Card Info and Recharge’ and ‘More Options‘. Choose the QR tickets option. If you would like to book a ticket, tap on ‘Buy Ticket’ option. You can also cancel your existing tickets or check your recent journeys here.

Passengers can also recharge Metro smartcards, locate the nearest stations, get information on fare and departure timings between two stations using chatbot. There are also options for customer feedback and payment through WhatsApp UPI. The payments can also be done through other UPI, credit or debit cards. If you happen to enter the wrong station name when booking a ticket, the Namma Metro WhatsApp chatbot can also cancel tickets and automatically refund the amount. 

The tickets are valid till the end of the commercial service of the day. ‘QR Tickets on the mobile phone must be flashed at the QR readers of the automatic fare collection gates at both entry or exit stations. However, if the commuter is not travelling, he/she may trigger cancellation of the ticket the same day upon which the amount will be refunded.

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