Google operating on a global scale is clearly aware of this fact and wants to be a key player in the Web3 infrastructure space. Google has been active in the Web3 sector regarding business development. The Blockchain Node Engine (BNE) product is a “fully managed node-hosting service” that can be leveraged by crypto companies and Web3 service providers.

Many prominent Web3 companies including Solana, Hedera and Dapper Labs are currently incorporated with Google Cloud. Aptos, a Layer-1 blockchain company, has reported that its node deployment times have been reduced to less than 15 minutes through its Google Cloud integration. 

Google cloud’s official website states that Blockchain is a powerful tool and gaining popularity worldwide, Blockchain has provided services to thousands of crypto assets and has millions of accounts in 140 countries .The company further detailed that the new node engine service will support the second leading crypto asset network by market cap, Ethereum.

Google called Blockchain technology a “tremendous innovation” and Google cloud is helping blockchain companies secure their cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, Dogecoin, and Polygon, to name a few.

The tech giant teamed up with Coinbase in order to drive Web3 innovation. Blockchain Node Engine (BNE) based on Google Cloud. BNE will enable Ethereum transactions, deploy smart contracts, and data writing or reading.

The latest node engine offering says the service aims various security features like Google’s Cloud Armor, which is designed to prevent denial-of-service (DDos) attacks that spam and slow down networks it is also providing “streamlined provisioning,” “secure development,” and “fully managed operations.

Google Cloud allows its users to customize the kind of permissions they want by its nodes which will also exist behind a VPC firewall, by reducing the need for a dedicated Devops team, and by offering Google Cloud’s Service Level Agreement (SLA), BNE can easily let your team focus on its users instead of your infrastructure.

Featured image credit: Google Images