In an incident in Karnataka, a techie couple in Bengaluru was allegedly harassed and threatened by two police officials for walking on the road at midnight.

Karthik Patri, a victim of this incident, shared his opinion on the social media platform Twitter. He said the two policemen allegedly harassed him and his wife, who was walking back home after attending their friend’s cake-cutting ceremony. It was around 12:30 midnight.

The Techie couple lives in society behind Manyata Tech Park. They were a few meters away from their entrance gate when a pink Hoysala patrol van stopped in front of them. Two police cops in uniform demanded to see their IDs.

Luckily the couple had photos of their Aadhar cards. Even after they showed their IDs, the cops took away their phones and started asking questions about their relationship, parental details, place of work and many other pieces of information.

The couple answered all their questions very politely. One of the cops took out a challan book and started writing their names and Aadhar numbers on it.

When the couple asked why they were being issued a challan, one of the police officers allegedly responded that people are not allowed to roam the streets after 11 pm.

The cops were asked a question by a couple if there was any such rule; literate people like them would know about such regulations. Later they apologized for being ignorant of the rule and assured them of not venturing out at night again.

But the cops refused to let them go and initially demanded Rs 3,000 as a fine but later accepted Rs 1,000.

When the two of them agreed to pay, one of the cops immediately held up a PayTM QR code and waited for them to make a payment.

Bengaluru Police Official’s Response to the Incident

Anoop A Shetty, DCP, responded to Patri’s message and wrote, Two policemen from Sampigehallips responsible for the incident have been identified, suspended and stern action will be taken against them. He also requested others to text them in any such cases.

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