The Minister of External Affairs in the Indian Government Subramanayam Jaishankar declared that the Indian Government is bound to renovate the Cambodia-based Ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat on Sunday, 11th December 2022.The Minister also said that the Hindu Civilisation is just not restricted to India but is spread across the world.

Concerning the country’s initiative of restoring the Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, the Country’s External Affairs Minister said while addressing the Kashi Tamil Sangamam on the topic of the Temple’s Contribution on the structuring the nation and Society that the Hindu Temples are not only situated in India rather, are present in many other parts of the world. The contribution of restoring the Angkor Wat Temple Complex is due to the widespread of the Indian Civilisation which has reached to many regions across the globe.

He also mentioned in his statement that it just not means to restore and restructure our valuable culture and sophistications by rebuilding the medieval age monuments and temples belonging to India but also the belonging to other parts of the world as he said that our ancestors travelled beyond boundaries as travellers, traders and Spiritual people which led to establishment of our culture in many parts of the world.

The External Minister also mentioned that there are around 3.5 Cr people with Indian Origin situated in different geographical regions of world, keeping alive the culture and Spirituality along with them. Thus, he believes that it’s the duty of the Country to support such people to keep our customs and culture to flourish across the globe.

Other Initiatives taken By the Government to restore Temples in the World

The External Minister Informed that the Prime Minister of the Country Mr Narendra Modi has promised to offer Rs. 200 Cr to construct Ramayan Circuit in Nepal. He also mentioned that Centre has devoted a sum of 50 Million US dollars to restructure the temples which were destroyed due to the earthquake in Gorkha region of Nepal that took place on 25th April 2015.

One of the most Sacred Shiva temple located in Mannar in Sri Lanka, the Thiruketheeswaram Temple is said to be a proof of many crucial moment in the History, was restored successfully by the Indian Government. The temple doors were closed for a period of twelve years during the armed conflict period and the doors were open in the year 2002.

Photo Credit- The Economic Times