The Government said that under SIPP Scheme [Startups Intellectual Property Protection], it had doubled the fees for IP facilitators.

SIPP Scheme

The SIPP Scheme has now been revised and the facilitation fees have been increased by almost 50 percent. To encourage the IP facilitators to increase the number of IP applications filed by startups and provide quality services to startups.

The Scheme was launched by the government in 2016. To protect and promote startups IPR [IP rights] and encourage creativity and innovation among startups.

The Government revised patents fees, at the time of filing of application fees were Rs 10,000 earlier now, it has been increased to Rs 15,000. Correspondingly for designs and trademarks, it has been increased from Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000.

The scheme promoted startups in filing and processing their patent, design or trademark application through the assistance of IP facilitators, whose fees were borne by the office of the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks.

IP legislation started providing fee rebates to encourage IP filling by startups.

Government Decisions

Modi Government asks FM Radio channels not to play songs praising Alcohol, Weaponry and Drugs. Startups, through the assistance of IP facilitators offering effective and quality services through the revised fee structure, will further multiply the filling of IP applications by startups.

There are provisions for fast-track examination of patent applications. In addition, startups are provided with a 50 percent fee rebate in filling trademark applications and an 80 percent fee refund in filling patent applications.

The facilitators assisting the startups in IP fillings have been disbursed an amount of Rs 380.81 lakh as of September 30.

The scheme was extended for three years, after its successful implementation in a significant increase in IP filings by startups.

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