The India-based hotel aggregator firm Oyo has decided to dismiss 10 percent of the Staff members which accounts for 600 workers working in the technology and product development teams whereas, on the other hand, the company has plans to recruit 250 employees in the sales and business departments. The company announced this on Saturday, 3rd December 2022.

With respect to the decision taken, the company provided its statement which says that the company is decreasing the teams related to the engineering, product and centre of operation and Oyo vacation homes and will be adding 250 fresh employees in the customer service management and business planning teams. The statement from the company also included that out of the total employee network of 3700, the company plans to fire 600 employees.

The company’s decision is based on its action of closing down all the projects undertaken by the company and leading to combining the projects teams from the product and technology departments together for carrying out the operations with ease.

The Company’s Chief Executive Officers Officer stated in his statement that its saddening to let go of a huge number of skilled and hardworking employees who have been a part of the company’s endeavors to date and said that the company will do its best to ensure that all the dismissed employees are being hired in other places. He also added in his statement that in the future in the requirements of these posts for the respective departments in the firm, the management will provide priority to these employees who have been laid off by the company and will be offered jobs in the company.

About the Company Oyo

The hotel chain was established in the year 2012 by Ritesh Agarwal with its headquarters situated in Gurugram Haryana. The company has partnered with Adventure Women India to promote solo travelling for women in India in the month of November this year.

The company has witnessed a fall in the profit of 333 Cr in the month of September of this year and has also enrolled an increase in the gross Booking Value for each hotel by 23 percent in the same time of the year.

The company has also reported the dismissal of 300 employees in the Fiscal year 2020.

Photo Credit-Jagran