The Country’s one of the leading money lending company RUloans has released its online platform RUloans Partners on Monday, 4th December 2022 for carrying out the entire loan application process though the online mode and to provide assistance to the customers whenever they are in need.

The RUloans Partners online platform facilitates the company’s vision to provide its customers the loans of the sum above 1, 00,000 Cr. Also, it facilitates to brace the network of its partners to 75,000 by the year 2025.

The platform is released as a maiden app by the company and it provides end-to-end encryption of the data for the customers. The app is available for both android and is users.

Concerning the release of the new digital platform the founder of the company said that the on-boarding mobile app is in accord with the company’s foresight of being one of the highest Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) firm by the year 2025 with the pay out of above 1,00,000 Cr and increase the network of 75,000 partners . He also added that the app will provide latest technology driven services. He also added that the firm will continue to increase the market outreach and the presence in the areas underserved.

How does the Platform works?

The App has to be downloaded from the Google Playstore for the android users and from the Apple Appstore for the is users. The users have to register with all the basic details required for the procedures.

The customers like the business executives, loan officers should sign in as the partners on the RULoans Platform and fill in the application for the loan facilities with all the necessary documents. Once the application is submitted with the necessary documents by the applicant on the RULoans portal, the firm will submit the loan application to the respective bank selected and will wait for the consent for the loan. If the loan is fruitfully approved by the bank and the loan amount will be splurged to the Applicant. Following the process, the applicant will receive certain amount of capital.

The company has also reported that those who have been in the banking and finance industry have an interesting opportunity to work as the loan partner for the company and gain higher income. The online platform operates a digital ownership technique at the back-end for issuing the loans applications and sanctioning the amount through online and offline mode.

About the Company RULoans

India’s one of the leading financial services providing company was RULoans was established in the year 2000 by Mr Kaushik Mehta with its headquarters based in Mumbai India. The company operates in more than 1200 locations throughout the country.

The company offers loans for businesses, homes, cars, education and properties. The company also provides credit cards, working capital and other financial services.

Photo Credit-Facebook