Air Asia India has announced a partnership with a cloud technology, a hyperlocal platform and Sugarbox to provide an in-flight wi-fi service on all its aircraft.

The new multi-feature in-flight experience hub called “Airflix” by Air Asia Indian Airlines.

According to a joint statement, the travelers on Air Asia India flights can now get an easy access over 1,000+ International and also Indian movies.

This includes short movies, web series episodes enabling travelers to stream buffer-free content from OTT apps through the system installed in the flights.

Airflix – a multi-feature in-flight experience hub is available across the airline’s fleet.

The “Airflix” provides high resolution content of over 6,000 hours to all flyers through a local in-flight wi-fi without any additional charges.

Rohit Paranjpe a Co-Founder and CEO of Sugarbox said that Air Asia India fleet of 28 aircraft is now available with a new multi-feature in-flight experience hub called Airflix.

Airflix: A multi-feature in-flight wi-fi service

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The Multi-feature in-flight, Airflix is a new service of Air Asia’s India flights. It will help Air Asia generate ancillary revenue by enabling flyers to browse the menu and also place orders using their personal devices.

Airflix service will be pivotal for the airline by offering a customised options to its passengers. It includes Games, Ed-tech content, Music, E-Commerce and News Articles.

Air Asia New Service

This platform is introducing innovative features and technological integrations like in-flight dining, entertainment and shopping. It provides a unique flying experience to Air Asia India passengers.

This new service will provide download speed of upto 1 gigabit per second to its customers, it has been launched with storage capacity of 8 tetrabyte.

Air Asia India’s Chief Marketing Officer Siddhartha Butalia said that he is looking forward to leveraging the potential of this platform.

Air Asia Indian Airlines

Air Asia India is an Indian low-cost airline headquatered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The airline was a joint venture between Tata Sons and Air Asia Bhd. Tata Sons currently holds 100 percent stake in the airline, after Air Asia Bhd sold its remaining 16.33 percent stake to Air India.

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