Indian Home-grown Microblogging platform Koo launches in Brazil. The news of Koo’s launch in Brazil arrives in the chaos of Twitter Drama. The Microblogging platform Koo received a very strong response from the people of Brazil. Within 48 hours of its launch, the downloads reached 1 million.

The company aims to go global by making its app available in many countries. The company also plans to introduce the app in multiple languages. Along with the launch, the company also added the Portuguese language. The tally now reaches 11 languages in total.

The Koo app also reached the top spot on both Android Play Store and the Apple app store. Within 48 hours of its launch, the app witnessed 2M “Koos” and 10M likes by the users.

Koo India’s Background

Twitter Rival Koo is a microblogging platform, launched in 2020 by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka. The platform initially came in 2020 with the help of the Kannada language. Subsequently, the app added English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati and Punjabi. It aims to be present in many other countries with multiple languages.

As per reports, Koo plans to introduce many other foreign languages in its platform. The languages include Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Korean and others.

In June 2021, the app was officially launched in Nigeria. The launch of Koo in Nigeria came just after Twitter suspended its operations in Nigeria. The government of Nigeria also joined Twitter.

Many eminent personalities and public figures from Brazil also joined Koo. Youtuber Felipe Neto became the most followed person in the Koo app.

The company claims to have over 50M subscribers and has been seeing rapid growth. It plans to add another 50M subscribers by next year.

Amid all chaos and drama created by Elon Musk, Koo became the 2nd largest multilingual blogging platform. The platform is seen to grab a steady growth and reaching its best.

Featured Image Credit : Firstpost

Apurv Panigrahi