FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar

In over 36 games in the past, Argentina was never beaten by any of the teams.

The last match lost by them was against Brazil in 2019 Copa America Semifinals. Everafter they have won almost 25 games and 11 drawn across international matches.

But this unbeaten team lost against Saudi Arabia in their World cup opener. In case if they were unbeaten this time they could equal the Italy’s longest record of unbeaten streak in international football.

Herve Renard “The Frenchman”

Image Credits: Arab News

Herve Renard, a super duper coach and a legend in International football team.

Saudi Arabia team was eventually lucky to get him as their coach.

Herve Renard who is also known as The Frenchman, a player and now as a coach he has spanned 23 years, 13 teams and two major trophies. Zambia in 2012 and Ivory Coast in 2015 were the two big teams guided by him to continental titles.

Since then before joining Saudi Arabia he led Morocco to the world cup in 2018.

Saudi under Renard, has played with the same strategy for this game. Renard has focused on offside trap, executed well by Saudi team and also it was a challenge for Saudi to maintain the intensity required to play the game in the Renard style.

But Argentina has been caught offside for Seven times in this match. It was well focused and defenders were able to maintain the offside trap for almost 90 minutes.

Renard and his team came up with an ultimate script. He and his Saudi team have been direct, physical and were pressed high and finally got into the Argentina’s face.

The defensive mode was unpredictable, but this move of them made Saudi team win the ball back and win to an higher pitch by creating space and opportunity.

Saudi Arabia Deserves to be Equalizer

Saudi team was brave in holding strong to their beliefs, coming with an incredible attack on the trio of Messi, Di Maria and Martinez. This gave Saudi, an easy way to win the ball in the middle pitch that led to the forward push for a goal.

All time World cup favorite South America’s Argentina is now finally down by a Frenchman team Saudi Arabia which is an Asian powerhouse.

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