Chinese Spy Ship entered the Indian Ocean a few days ago and has moved out of the area. The Indian navy continuously watched the movement of the Chinese ballistic missile and satellite tracking ship.

Yuan Wang 5 entered the Indian Ocean region on 5th December and exited on 12th December through Sahul banks, northwest of Australia. According to sources, it headed toward Sanya port on Hainan Island.

The continued activity of the Yuan Wang class of strategic tracking ships signifies that the PLA Navy is mapping the Lombok and Sunda straits for future submarine operations in the Indian Ocean. Yuan Wang harbors china’s ballistic missile nuclear submarine base.

Chinese Spy Ships

Another ship Yuan Wang 6, in the last month, was conducting surveys around the Lombok straits and went down to the Indian Oceans 5000km long ninety east ridge from the Bay of Bengal to the southeast Indian ridge before returning to Shanghai port.

Whereas Yuan Wang 5 Wharf at china’s leased Hambantota port in Sri Lanka in August, then advanced south to prospect the same ridge before returning to its home port in Shanghai.

Earlier many activities of the Chinese were dismissed as they were prospecting for heavy metals in the Indian Ocean bed. The aim is apparent for nuclear submarine operations using the Ombi-vator, Lombok and Sunda straits near Australia, to make a map of the Ocean floor.

The Indonesia President was the first to meet President Xi Jinping after the winter Olympic games. The reason behind it was Malacca, Lombok, Ombi-veteran and Sunda strait are under the jurisdiction of Indonesia.

If the Chinese submarines use the Malacca strait, the shortest route from the south china sea to the Bay of Bengal, they have to surface the submarines.

Reasons behind Ocean Mapping

The other reason for ocean bed mapping is for future anti-submarine operations around these straits. Australia will be attaining US-built nuclear power Conventional armed attack submarines under the AUKUS pact.

Alternative sea routes are explored by china to the eastern board of Africa and the Middle East for trade.

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Featured image credits: News 18