Globevestor Co-founder recently launched a new Micro-VC firm named Momentum Capital. This global VC firm will primarily focus on funding seed-stage Indian startups. The VC firm holds its presence in countries like India, US and Canada.

Momentum Capital is a Global VC firm that has connections all over the world. This strong network benefits startup and elevates them. The venture capital firm has triumphed over the approach and plans to fund mainly Indian startups. It has a tri-country presence but will go globally in the coming years. 

Globevestor Co-founder Ankit Srivastava and his Portfolio

Set up in 2013 by Ankur Srivastava, Globevestor is a firm that focuses cross border investments. Ankur Srivastava is a phenomenal person who has invested in over 40 startups. His investment portfolio includes Agnikul, Zoomcar, Devtron and many other successful startups.

Globevestor Co-founder Launches New Micro-VC Firm

Ankur Srivastava holds successful performances in many fields too. Edtech, Climate, Health and others are his areas of achievement. Furthermore, his portfolio of startups has also secured $500 Million in funds. The above-mentioned funds of $500 Million were infused by Sequoia, Accel and Y Combinator, etc.

Momentum Capital has a presence in the US, Canada, and India. Its cross-border network allows founders to get funds and scale. Its strong advisory and partner network include Bill Draper, Adam Draper, AdeoRessi, Mike Suprovici, Abhilash Singh and many other CXO’S. Along with this, the VC firm has also partnered with highly successful tech giants, VCs and reputed consulting firms.

This Micro VC firm will largely focus on tech areas related to climate and health, etc. It has already focused on some of the investments and is on way of progress. 

India is growing and everything here is transforming too. Startups are coming day by day and even receiving funds from top VCs. Despite inflation and recession in many developed nations, India firmly stands stress-free. Due to this, few Indian startups are competing against top companies with huge investments and guidance.

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Apurv Panigrahi