The Meta owned app, WhatsApp got its new feature ,”Communities” launched by the Chief executive officer of the company, Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, 3rd November 2022.

The CEO of the Social Media Company said that the new feature will be available to all the users across the globe in coming few months.

The new feature was announced by the company’s CEO in April this year.

The company had been working with more than 50 organizations in 15 countries to design the new feature communities since then.

WhatsApp’s new feature is said to be available for both, Android and iOS users.

How the New Feature Works?

The users have to tap on the new feature provided, the “Communities” icon, which is available on the top of the chats for Android users and to the bottom of the chats for iOS users.

Once the icon is tapped, it allows the users to start either by creating new groups or can add the existing groups.

Users can switch for any information in between the groups, which are added in the community.

The admins of the groups in the community are allowed to send important messages like the announcements to all the groups.

WhatsApp will also be providing the group admins with a feature called “Powerful New Tools” to manage groups in the community.

The new feature is designed to bring neighborhoods, parents at school and workplaces to connect and converse with the participants of other groups under one umbrella.

The Meta based app assured the users that the information and the conversation shared in the groups will be highly secured.

With WhatsApp’s end –to- end encryption, the information from the groups will be private, even from the company.

Other new Features

WhatsApp has rolled out 3 other new features. First, participant’s size for video chat has been increased to 32 participants.

The second feature is about participant size for group chat has been increased to 1,024 participants for each group.

The app has built in-chat polls feature in the group for the participants to vote on the particular topic within the group.

featured image source: Google Images