WhatsApp servers were down on 25th October 2022 for two hours which lead millions of users to face problems in India.

The servers of the Meta owned messaging app went down in many cities across India like, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Lucknow.

The problems faced by the users were, errors in sending and receiving text messages, unable to make calls through WhatsApp and also, users had difficulties in sharing the photos, videos and other multimedia.

As reported by the website, 28,413 complaints were showed by the outage detecting website, Down Detector at around 1.04 pm on Tuesday, 25th October 2022. The users had started reporting the issues from 12.07 pm onwards.

The major complaints recorded were regarding the inconvenience in sending text messages, 63 percent of the total complaints were on this issue. 23 percent of the complaints were regarding the server connection and 7 percent of the complaints were regarding the app issues.

The app is run on Android, IOS and also via WhatsApp Web, on laptops and PCs. The users from all three platforms faced the issue of outage on Tuesday.

This major outage was WhatsApp’s first outage reported this year, after the major Meta outage reported back on 5th October 2021, where the servers of all three Meta owned apps that is, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down together for few hours .

The users from several other countries too reported the issue of the outage and that they are unable to use the app properly.

The countries from which the users faced the outage were, the USA, U.K., Germany, Bahrain, South Africa, Bangladesh and many others.

The issue of WhatsApp’s poor server connectivity made users to flood Twitter with tweets and memes on the connectivity issues of the Meta owned app, which lead #WhatsAppDown trending on the platform.

The Company made a statement with respect to the issue that they are aware of the users facing difficulties in sending messages and are working to restore the app as soon as possible.

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