The Meta-based texting app WhatsApp has been all set to launch its new feature, the  Companion Mode.

Although the texting app made it available for users to text using desktops and laptops, through WhatsApp Web and other websites.

The app wants to take it to a next level, with the help of its new feature, Companion Mode.

Companion mode allows the user to connect or link their What Sapp account to multiple devices at the same time.

WhatsApp’s Companion Mode will be available for the smartphones with Android  Beta version

The feature was first noticed by the WhatsAppBetaInfo in May 2022 and was under development since then.

About The feature

The new feature on WhatsApp allows the user to link their WhatsApp Account to four other Android devices like Tablets and smartphones at once.

The Chat history of the WhatsApp Account opened on the primary smartphone will be auto-synced to all four devices, the account has been linked.

As per the reports, the text sent and the call made to the WhatsApp account, will also be visible on all the devices, linked to the Account.

The reports also include that the messages, calls, and all the data will be secure with WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption on all devices.

However, the What Sapp users with Android Beta are devoid of several others which are available on WhatsApp on other systems.

The features unavailable for WhatsApp on Android Beta devices are viewing live locations and WhatsApp Stickers.

Since the feature is available for only Android Beta, Users using devices without the latest Android version can join the WhatsApp Android beta program.

How to join the WhatsApp Android beta program?

The users have to open WhatsApp on Google Playstore and Scroll down to find, the ‘Become a beta user’ option.

The users have to click on the ‘I’m in ‘option and then on ‘join’ to confirm.

Like this, the users can use Companion Mode without using the Android Beta Device.

Recent features launched by WhatsApp

The App has increased the group chat participants’ size from 256 to 1,024 members.

 Recently the App has launched its Communities feature, where the feature allows to manage multiple groups easily and allows admins to efficiently coordinate with the members.

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