Live Sports Gaming Platform PlayCKC was founded in 2020, located in Mumbai, India. It is a provider of Live Cricket Gaming Platform built for fans. This platform caters to a fan’s need to engage during live action, the Jeer, the Cry, the Joy, the Emotions while a live match. PlayCKC offers live engagement, thereby simulating their match-watching experience.

The team claims PlayCKC is India’s first live Cricket gaming experience, offering live prediction game wherein everyone from a Cricket expert to a casual watcher gets to predict Scores, Wickets, Boundaries, Outcomes and many more as the match unfolds.

Co-founder Swapnil Manish says, “Our intent is to delight the cricket fan with an immersive experience. While most fantasy format fulfil one’s desire to select an entire team, their offerings do not match with how the fan engages with the game in the real world.”

PlayCKC has raised $200,000 led by Freeflow Ventures, the app is listed on Play Store and App Store. At present, it has an option to support for Cricket with its two options of Predict and Select. Under its Predict option, it offers users basic multiple-choice questions during the matches. Under its Select feature, the sports tech startup’s real money gaming feature.

In November this year, it plans to launch Football support at the beginning of the 2020 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The company is one of the four initial startups chosen for the first sports tech cohort of India Accelerator and JSW Sports.

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