California based Nexus Venture Capital is said to be in talks to secure an amount of 700 million US dollars. The fund will be the second greatest pool of technology based start ups be reserved last year in the country for investing in the technology-based start ups in India and the United States of America.

About the Fund Planned by Nexus

The fund raising organised by the investment company Nexus Venture Capital is said to wrap up in two months, which manifests that the investors worldwide are starting to like the technology based start ups valuation from India after the distressing conduct in the market of some successful businesses in the year 2022 in the middle of worldwide debacle in the technology department.

The company would also be extending the pool of the funds accessible for the technology based start ups when the funds raised by the start ups based in India dropped down by one third to 24 billion US dollars, as per the information showed by Venture Intelligence.

The investing company nexus is said to utilise the funds accumulated in investing in the technology and internet start-ups in their early stage funding and also in the software companies based in the United States of America.

As the India based Nexus Venture Capital suspects that with the investments in the US based technology firms will help the company to attain stability as the successful companies of the country, which utilise a huge amount in order to achieve rapid success and also to draw attention of the uses.

At present the company’s bets include Delhivery, the logistic company based in India, the online educational platform Unacademy, PubMatic Inc. and Postman the software companies based in the USA. All the above mentioned companies have been valued to multi-million dollars.

About the Company Nexus Venture Capital

The India-US venture funds Nexus venture Capital was established in the year 2006 by co-founders Suvir Sujan, Naren Gupta and Sandeep Singhal. The headquarters of the company is based in California, United States of America. The venture fund invests in the start ups in seed funding, Series A,B and C funding rounds.

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