IIT Madras is on its way to set up INR 100 Crore for Innovation and Entrepreneurship fund. The motive behind this INR 100 Crore is to support emerging startups in India.

Furthermore, this prestigious institution also plans to elevate at least five of its center of excellence ( CoE ) to the top three in the globe.

As per the plans of the company, prepared for 2022-27, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has set targets for setting up an entrepreneurship fund of INR 100 Crore. This 100 Crore will back those startups which are established by students and faculty.

Additionally, IIT Madras also aims to establish diverse groups of faculty, students and staff. The community formed by the institute will create a lot of impact on the elevation of emerging startups. Furthermore, these communities will also conduct basic and translational research on national interest and international recognition.

Certainly, IIT Madras will try to accomplish all its set targets in five years as the above-mentioned goals are the top goals of the company.

IIT Madras Sets up INR 100 Crore for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund

In addition to this, the institute is also planning to roll out new courses in the next five years. As per the reports, within the next five years, the infrastructure will be developed to support such courses and programs. Also, the vision of the institute is to have students from all parts of the country. 

IIT Madras is on looking to bring in hybrid and online post-graduate programs. Besides, it is also planning to bring in multidisciplinary programs in the next five years.

Furthermore, the areas of this program include health policy studies, disability studies, environmental, digital and medical humanities.

IIT Madras and AIIMS Delhi

This announcement by IIT Madras is one of those moves, that will encourage the students to set up startups. Not only IIT Madras, but AIIMS Delhi has also rolled out policies that will support medical students to set up their startups.

These announcements by various institutes will boost the confidence of startup founders. Furthermore, AIIMS Delhi has joined hands with multiple other institutes to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Besides, it also plans to join hands with many big corporates and companies like Mckinsey to provide business opportunities to medical graduates.

Certainly, various institutions in India are supporting students and faculties in the growth of the startup ecosystem. This will contribute to the elevation of startup culture in India.

Featured Image Credit: The Hindu Business Line

Apurv Panigrahi