The international cultural clothing brand Shobitam has announced that it has acquired the India’s first ever online platform for designing customised blouses the House of Blouse on Monday, 20th February 2023.

About Shobitam’s Accession Over House of Blouse

The Direct-to Customer (D2C) cultural clothing brand Shobitam has stated that its accession over House of Blouse is its first ever accession since its establishment but the company has not unrevealed the details regarding amount of capital used to seize the deal.

The deal of accession of the House of Brands will help the international apparel brand Shobitam in extension of its products to new geographical region there by providing the customers across the world with the products and their experience.

Besides, the Direct-to-customer (D2C) give more of its attention on production of the cultural wears especially Sarees worn with the blouses and its accession over the House of Blouse proves to be the perfect addition for the company’s product offering.

With respect to the accession of House of Brands the Co-Founder of the brand Shobitam Aparna Thyagrajan said that the company is overjoyed by adjoining the Customised blouse manufacturing brand the House of Blouse to the company and the blouses designed by the House of Blouse will be the one stop destinations for the customers to pair with the elegant Indian Sarees manufactured by the company with the top quality. The Co-founder further added saying that this will help the company to intensify its reach throughout the world with the unique products which will be helpful in the future to widen its reach across the world.

About The Company Shobitam

The Cultural Clothing brand Shobitam was established in the year 2019 co-founded by two sister Aparna Thyagarajan and Ambika Thyagrajan. The Headquarters of the company is based in Seattle, United States.

The company provides an online platform for its customers to purchase elegant and traditional Indian Sarees and also jewelleries and other accessories for its customers and has provided its services to the customers in 40 countries across the world including the United Kingdom, United States of America, India and many more.

The company had raised an amount of 1.5 million US dollars from Heart Ventures and Mr Girish Laxman.

Photo Credit-MediaNews4U