Meta brings in paid blue verification tick on Instagram and Facebook. The parent company of Facebook, Meta will be testing out its new paid verification tick service. Additionally, this service “Meta Verified” will allow users to verify their accounts. Furthermore, this step will be effective against fraudulent active users on both Instagram and Facebook.

Before this, Twitter also bought paid services on its platform.

Mark Zuckerberg expressed his views on the announcement of the paid subscription tick. This service will increase security levels and will also bolster authenticity in its platform. 

Certainly, this service will be available in many countries later on. “Meta verified” will roll out its service in Australia and New Zealand this week. Furthermore, this will be a part of the testing program.

Meta Brings in Paid Blue Verification Service

Mark Zuckerberg explained the process of getting “Meta Verified” through a statement. The users need to go through a process for verification. In exchange for verification of Government I’d, users will receive a blue tick in return. Additionally, this service will provide extra security from fraudulent accounts. “Meta Verified” will also provide direct customer support for its paid users. 

Besides, monetary charges are also present in the portfolio. The services will be for both web and mobile. According to reports, monthly charges of $11.99 or $14.99 will be charged to users depending on the device.

The company plans to use the monetary charges to enhance customer support. Besides, it will also elevate the quality of the platform.

Meta Brings in Paid Blue Verification Tick on Instagram and Facebook

Apart from this, the users can’t buy these services for both platforms at once. The company intends to combine both in the future. Furthermore, businesses will not be able to use “Meta verified”. Limitations like changing the username and photo will be present. Users can only do the altering process by restarting the “Meta Verified service”.

Both Twitter and Meta have seen a decline in their growth and users lately. 

Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Apurv Panigrahi