Software-as-a-service or the SaaS Start up Zoho Corporation’s has announced that it aims to generate revenue amounting 1 billion US dollars from its enterprise IT management section ManageEngine in the span of coming 2-3 years.

The Chief Executive Officer of the SaaS Start Up Zoho Corp said that our country India is pacing forward to become the second largest market for the company worldwide leaving behind the United kingdoms, after the leading market based in the US for its IT management wing based for the enterprises the ManageEngine although there has been a hard phase for the SaaS Start Ups all over the world.

The Chief Executive Officer of Zoho also said that right now the company has faced the earthquake and hopes to overcome in the future. The CEO also mentioned that the company has witnessed decrease in the acceleration of growth and development of the company this year as compared to the last year. The company claims the fact after witnessing several situations including the increasing in the client churn, the clients opting longer decision making and also customers buying less of the company’s products.

Although there has been difficult scenarios faced by the company the Chief Executive Officer of Zoho, Mr Vembu hopes for the better situations as he said that our country is adapting to the Digitalisation at an accelerated rate and giving importance to the Information technology managements which can help ManageEngine to reach the target of 1 billion US dollars faster.

About the Company ManageEngine

The product division for the IT management for the enterprises of the SaaS Start Up Zoho Corp was established in the year 2002. The company offers technical software solutions and also ticket software, desktop management, management of the network and Information Technology security at a cheaper rates for the small and medium scaled businesses to purchase and utilise.

Besides this the company also has its personalised data centres across the globe out of the total fifteen, two of the data centres are based in the country, one in Mumbai and other in Chennai.

The company is based in Chennai, India and the development takes place here whereas the company is centrally managed from Texas, United States of America and Austin.