The Andhra State Government got a stay order from the Honorable Supreme court on the March 3 order by the Andhra Pradesh High Court that had passed orders to construct and develop Amaravati as the Capital City of the state within 6 months.

The High court issued an order in March to develop Amaravati as the capital city in six months. But the Top court has stayed the order of the High court with immediate effect and has scheduled the next hearing on Jan 31, 2023. The SC appeared harsh in its verdict as it stated that the courts cannot become town planners and chief engineers. The petition led by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in its appeal to the HC, had said that ordering formation of a state capital by the Judiciary is against the basic framework of the Constitutional setup.

High Court Orders

According to March 3rd High Court order, that directed the Andhra Pradesh state government to develop Amaravati as a state capital city and to complete infrastructure development like electricity, drainage, roads and drinking water supply in the Amaravati Capital city and region within 30 days.

The State government proposed the formation of three capitals, The Judicial Capital in Kurnool, The Administrative Capital in Vishakhapatnam and The Legislative Capital in Amaravati.

But the plan was unsuccessful because the state government’s proposal was challenged by the farmers and landowners of Amaravati who had already offered their land under the Land Pooling Scheme(LPS), promising them to develop a new but a single integrated capital instead of the Decentralized Three-Capital theory.

Supreme Court is hearing all the responses from farmers and their associations and also the Andhra Pradesh government’s plea challenging the High Court decisions. Andhra Pradesh High Court to stop the three capital plans stating that the state legislative lacked the ability to make any legislation for shifting, bifurcating or trifurcating the capital.

As per reports, the state government went to seek the Supreme Court’s Intervention in September and filed a petition against the High Court’s order declaring Amaravati as the only capital city. The state government succeeded in getting a stay from the Supreme Court against the High Court.

The YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government planned to decentralize its governance and trifurcation of capital. Because it is one of the milestone steps by the government for its commitment to the people.

The Supreme Court said that the legal question involved in the case will now be heard on January 31, 2023.

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