A new case of blackmailing has come into the picture after the arrest of four people in Noida Uttar Pradesh. They have been arrested for allegedly hiding cameras for filming intimate moments of couples.
This incident occurred in an OYO-listed hotel room in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The four arrested people are – Vishnu Singh, Abdul Wahab, Pankaj Kumar, and Anurag Kumar Singh. The members of the gang used to allegedly install hidden cameras in the room and record intimate moments of the couples. Then, the gang used to blackmail the couple and extort money.
These gangs operating in Noida are involved in several illegal and malicious activities, including the fake sim card business.

“The group recently blackmailed a couple after making their obscene video and the probe into the case led police to accused Abdul and Vishnu who further confessed to having a group who extorted money from people,” said ADCP (Central) Saad Miya Khan, a News18 report.

11 laptops, 7 CPUs, 22 ATM cards from multiple banks, a PAN card, and an Aadhar card each were seized by the police. Further investigation is going on to arrest other members of the gang and also other people who are involved in this scam.

Featured Image Credit: India Today

Apurv Panigrahi