WriteSome raises an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed funding round. The platform plans to use the funds for marketing. Additionally, the startup with its team present in Indonesia, USA and India will also utilize the procured funds for the expansion of the team.

WriteSome is a mobile app that lets users to discover and share original content. It includes original stories and poetry. The app has already established its base in more than 35+ countries. Mostly the users are from Indonesia, USA and India.

The startup not only allows users to read and write stories and poetries. It also supports amateur writers in publishing their work.

The funds will help the startup to elevate its performance and expand its reach.

Issues and Solutions

WriteSome was launched in late 2021 by Arpit Sihra. The platform has addressed various problems related to amateur writers and peculiarly solved them. Usually, amateur writers write boring content because of their less experience. Writesome introduced a gamification of the process to make the content more interesting and allowed users to read and write in a fun way. It brings the global community of writers together through its platform.
Along with this, the platform also supported amateur writers in publishing their work.

Arpit Sihra, Founder and CEO, WriteSome, said that they are engineers and writers who are working to help readers and writers. He also mentioned the beliefs of the team and the vision of the team. Furthermore, he also addressed the problems that writers encounter due to industrial and technological barriers.

WriteSome raises funds for growth and vision

With the vision to be the most preferred choice for writing by 2027, the startup has started joining hands with eminent publishers across the country. Not only this, but the startup also plans to partner with one of the biggest literature festivals. This will provide an excellent opportunity for writers and add more value to the platform.

Writesome is growing day by day and has already created a big fanbase across the globe. With the help of partnerships and investments, WriteSome is on the path of transforming the way stories and poetry are shared across the globe.

WriteSome believes that every human being has stories. But the stories are unavailable for audiences due to many issues. In a nutshell, WriteSome encourages users to write and share their stories.

Not only this, but the startup also aims to create a whole ecosystem for writers and users. Furthermore, it plans to bring the stories to life by producing short films, books and audiobooks.

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Apurv Panigrahi