Gurugram-based Psychiatric inpatient platform Sukoon bags $15M funds from a private equity firm Lightrock India. This deal is one of the biggest deals in the mental health space of India.

Lightrock India invested $15M and acquired a majority stake in the company. This clever deal will have a tremendous impact on Sukoon Healthcare.

As part of the deal, Saleem Asaria will take up the role of executive chairman of the company. He is a partner at Lightrock India. In addition, Vidit and Kanishk will assume leadership roles.


The mass of India is suffering!
Around 200M people are suffering from mental issues. These are the mental health burden of India. Along with this, 1% of people even require inpatient services.
However, India is facing a severe shortage of specialists in this issue. Currently, 10000 Psychiatrists and 1000 clinical psychologists are practicing in India.

The Psychiatric inpatient platform Sukoon plans to utilize the funds in several ways. Sukoon will use the funds to scale its business to many locations. Along with this, it will also look to expand its specialist services.
Sukoon aims to create a therapeutic behavioral health platform in India.

Startup’s Profile

Vidit Bahri and Kanishk Gupta launched Sukoon in 2020. Sukoon provides evidence-based care to patients. Sukoon is a healthcare startup that focuses on psychiatric and psychological conditions of patients. Also, the startup offers services like drug and habit de-addiction.

The startup Sukoon uses a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists to treat patients. Apart from this, they also include counselors and vocational therapists to provide personalized treatments to patients.

Sukoon claims the successful treatment of 11000 patients with mental issues last year.
As part of the expansion, the startup will look forward to working in cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Featured Image Credit: Sukoon Health Page

Apurv Panigrahi