Venture Capital firm, Nexus Venture Partners has closed its largest-ever fund of $700 Million. Furthermore, these funds are only for Indian startups and US-based startups. This $700 Million fund is Nexus Venture’s VII fund. Apart from this, Nexus Venture has backed many unicorns like Unacademy and Delhivery. 

Nexus Venture is one of India’s oldest startup supporters. It has been backing India’s (Software-as-a-service) SaaS setup for a very long time. As mentioned above, it has backed Unacademy and Delhivery. Furthermore, it has also backed startups like Zepto, Rapido, Postman, Druva and Hasura. 

Certainly, Nexus Venture VII will aggressively focus on areas such as Artificial intelligence, SaaS, Fintech and Commerce. It will continue to invest in these above-mentioned segments.

The partners in this venture capital fund include various global pension funds, family offices and many endowment funds.

Evidently, these funds will help the technology industry a lot. It is because of the major downfall in the investments by the VCs. Furthermore, the investments by VCs fell to 30% in 2022.

Nexus Venture Partners Closes $700 Million Fund to Invest in India and the US

About Nexus Venture Partners

Set up in 2006, Nexus is the first Indian venture capital firm to invest in software-based startups across India and the US. The founders of this venture capital firm are silicon valley based entrepreneurs. They are Naren Gupta, Sandeep Singhal and Suvir Sujan. In addition to this, Nexus Venture Partners has invested in more than 200 startups across India and the US. Also, it has seen several exits. 

This fund of $700 Million from Nexus Venture Partners is the second largest fund raised by an Indian VC firm. The first rank was taken by Sequoia Capital India, which raised $2.85 Bn to focus on Indian startups and South East Asian startups. 

Nexus Venture Partners closed its VIth fund in December 2015 with $450 Million. 

India is among the fastest-growing nations in the world. It has seen growth in areas of software, hardware, AI, technology infrastructure, AR and many more. Furthermore, it has also seen the rise of startup culture in India. In near future, startups will play a huge role in elevating the GDP of India. Along with this, India is also emerging as an innovation hub and producing talent for the world.

Featured Image Credit: Nexus Ventures Partners

Apurv Panigrahi