US Based food tech company Perfect Day Inc. Acquires Sterling Biotech to scale up production of animal-free milk proteins to serve both domestic and export markets.

CEO and Co-Founder of Perfect Day, Ryan Pandya said that the strategic acquisition is to vastly expand the ability to make and sell protein while leveraging the robust technology across new ingredient opportunities.

The Company added that the acquisition of Sterling Biotech will double its production in the short term with the addition of four high-value assets, which will also include two operational manufacturing facilities in Gujarat and Masar.

Aims of Perfect Day

The main intention of Perfect Day Company is to export animal-free protein, which is produced in India to meet increasing global customer demands in the near term. It creates a roadmap for domestic commercial opportunities.

The startup company’s mission is a one-driven collaboration and to work closely with Sterling Biotech’s employees and existing customers to expand their investment in India and get positive changes together.

It started to expand its impact to all corners of the world. By their manufacturing ability and commercialization. As it expands its technology capabilities, pharmaceutical-grade ingredient production which includes Gelatin and Dicalcium phosphate is another step for Perfect Day’s mission

This work is completely led by the Perfect Day employees in the US, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and UK who solely protects the future of our planet is a truly global mission. It also adds the experts associated with SBL to work on this mission.

Perfect Day Company team in India will be based in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka. It plans to add other states as the company grows in this important market.

About Company

Perfect Day Inc is a food technology startup company based in Berkeley, California that has developed processes for creating dairy proteins.

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