Neal Mohan, an Indian-American has replaced Susan Wojcicki as the new CEO of YouTube. He has been named as the next Chief Executive Officer of YouTube. 

From Google and Adobe to PepsiCo and Microsoft, all elite-class companies are today led by Indian-origin people. Mr Neal Mohan joins this list as a recent addition to the Indian-origin CEOs.

Neal Mohan succeeds one of the early employees of Google. In the early days of google, it used to run in the garage of Wojcicki. Mr. Mohan, who has been a close friend of Wojcicki for 15 years also used to work with Susan Wojcicki. Furthermore, Neal Mohan has also been working as a chief product officer of YouTube.

Additionally, he has also been at Microsoft as a manager in the corporate strategy section. In addition to this, he has also worked with DoubleClick, an online advertising company.

Neal Mohan’s Profile

Mr. Neal Mohan is a global leader. He has expertise in multiple fields. He is well-known for his expertise in digital advertising. Furthermore, he has also been an influential person in the growth of many of Google’s advertising products. Products like AdSense, AdWords and DoubleClick are so successful because of Mr. Neal Mohan.

Susan Wojcicki has been working closely with Mr. Neal Mohan for the last 15 years. He has also played pivotal roles in the elevation of YouTube Music, YouTube TV and shorts, etc. Neal Mohan is a strong successor because of his extraordinary work in the enhancement of YouTube shorts. 

Neal Mohan Joins as New YouTube CEO

Despite getting big offers from multiple companies, Mr. Neal Mohan stayed with Google.

Indians have been playing significant roles in the growth of many companies. Billion-dollar companies like Google, Adobe and Microsoft are being led by Indian-origin CEOs. 

Furthermore, the startup ecosystem in India is also growing. The market is producing potential leaders who can run billion-dollar companies in the future.

Featured Image Credit: The Financial Express

Apurv Panigrahi