The technology Giant company Google has announced that it has  infused capital amounting 300 million US dollars for the Start Up based on the Artificial Intelligence (AI)  Anthropic  on Friday, 3rd February 2023.

About the Investment made for the Company Anthropic

By investing a sum of 300 million US dollars in the AI technology Based company the worlds famous Technology based company focuses on securing a safe spot in the world of generative AI.

The Artificial Intelligence based company Chose Google Cloud in order to get perquisites from the Google’s safe machine learning systems in creating profitable Artificial intelligence development.

With respect to the funds secured from the tech giant Google the company’s Chief Executive Officer of the AI based company Anthropic mentioned in his statement that they are happy to collaborate with Google Cloud to get instructions and posting the beneficial Artificial intelligence based systems.

On the other hand, Google earned a 10 percent share in the company’s stocks which in turn improves the finances of the AI based firm. With the help of the Technology giant Google’s machine learning system, the Artificial Intelligence based company Anthropic focuses on creating researches on the breakthrough Artificial Intelligence  AI with the help of the technical equipment that facilitates YouTube and Google Search.

The Chief Executive Officer of Google Cloud Stated regarding the Collaboration with the AI Company Anthropic that Google Cloud platform offers open infrastructures to the start ups based on next generation Artificial Intelligence and the start up Anthropic is one such example of how the platform supports enterprises and users to utilise reliable and responsible Artificial intelligence.

The Tech giant Google has also invested in the Artificial Intelligence based start ups OpenAI three years back and ChatGPT a year ago.

About the Company Anthropic

The AI based Company was established in the year 2021 founded by Mr Dario Amodei. The headquarters of the company is based in San Francisco .

The company offers AI safety and creates researches on the Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company has produced 14 research papers based on AI oriented reliable and monitoring language models.

Photo Credit- Financial Times