Celesta Capital firm is an American venture looking to invest in the Indian Semiconductor Mission(ISM). According to Strategic agreements, the country’s startup semiconductor sector got investments through ISM.

AJ Paulraj, the inventor of Mimo technology, business partner at celesta capital, and a former professor Emeritus at Stanford University.

He stated that semiconductor is a critical industry for any country in the world. It stands at the center of geopolitics today. To bring the money from the US, venture capitalists want some agreements from the government. So that they can expand and bring back to their country.

The VC firm said they have to work with govt to discover and eliminate some barriers to make sure VC companies succeed, also added entering the industry is difficult from a human and financial way of thinking.

Additional funding for companies in home-grown semiconductors, by venture capital, as it supports startups in the fabless chip design space sector as it is highly capital intensive.

Paulrag who chaired India’s fifth generation or 5G high-level forum, added that to be successful India needs to attract VC companies like Celesta, as they will bring both capital and also a lot of Industry Knowledge.

Celesta a US-based company aims to provide assistance to the semiconductor industry in both design and manufacturing by enabling startups.

The semiconductors policy with an outlay of Rs 76,000 crore got cleared in the cabinet headed by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

The artificial intelligence(AI) and biotechnology sectors got investment from the silicon valley based VC firm it also invested heavily in the US and Israeli technology companies.

US-based Celesta Capital

Celesta is a US-Based capital that has identified and nurtured some of today’s most promising companies around the globe.

Celesta Capital invests early in disruptive technologies and innovative business, and mentors young companies to create long-term value for the investors.

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