The American Motorcycle Manufacturing Company, Harley Davidson Inc. has reported that the profit and revenue generated by the company has led to conquer the retail sales drop in the third quarter.

The pricing strategy has helped the company to overcome the situation of the company due to the sales drop which happened in every region except in Asia.

The company had stopped the production for certain period of time due to the unexpected issue at a supplier, resulting the decrease in the sales.

Moreover, the company has now recovered with 19% of growth in global motorcycle shipment.

As per the reports, the company’s quaternary earning reached to 1.78 US dollars per share on Wednesday, which beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 1.45 US Dollars per share.

The motorcycle manufacturing company has generated a revenue accounting to 1.44 billion US Dollars, which was 24 percent more as compared to the revenue generated in the Fiscal Year 21.

The revenue generated has surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 8.26 percent .However, the total revenue generated by the company is 1.6 billion US Dollars.

The gain in the profit was seen due to the increase in the sales of the motorcycles and motorcycles related items, due to the strong pricing strategies which pitched the sales to 24% than before.

The shares of the Harley Davidson were 1.5 percent lower from the beginning of this year but the rise in the shares were seen on Wednesday morning, 26th October 2022 by 7.9 percent.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Milwaukee-based company has been facing new challenges in increasing the profit margin of the company, in order to expand the business by raising the cost of the products, as a part of the strategic plan ‘Hardwire’.

The CEO, Jochen Zeitz said that, “Q3 results showed solid growth for both revenue and operating income, aligned to our Hardwire strategic initiatives.”

The company has completed the public listing of its electric motorcycle segment ‘LiveWire‘, that raised 300 Million US Dollars, which was lower than the expected. The CEO said that the money generated will be utilised for developing the electric motorcycle models.

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