The bioenergy-technology firm GPS Renewables (GPSR) released a new platform ARYA on Friday, 18th November 2022.

GPSR ARYA is a climate infrastructure platform that promotes positive climate change by concentrating on projects like sustainable biodiesel production and industrial decarbonisation.

The platform facilitates the incubation, development, and operation of climate-friendly projects and GPS Renewables tend to execute the projects.

As per the McKinsey Sustainability report, the six industries in India – power, steel, aviation, automobile, cement, and agriculture contribute to 70 percent of the Carbon Dioxide emission into the atmosphere, which makes India the third largest country to emit carbon dioxide all over the world.

The country has pledged to depend on non-fossil sources of fuels to meet 50 percent of its energy requirements to reach the Net Zero goal set by the year 2070. GPSR ARYA wishes to assist the country in reaching the goal by green signalling environment-friendly projects in the future.


The climate infrastructure platform is named after India’s Mathematician, astronomer and popularly known for the invention of Zero, Aryabhatta.

Projects undertaken

  • Bio CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and Bio CBG (Compressed Biogas) production from pressed mud cakes, municipal Solid Waste (MSW), bagasse or sugarcane residue, and paddy straw.
  • 1G (first-generation) Ethanol production and Bio-Refinery projects from damaged grains.
  • 2G (second-generation) Ethanol production from bamboo and other agriculture-derived lees.
  • Industrial Projects leading decarbonisation.

Expressing the views on the release of the new platform, the Chief Operating Officer said that GPSR ARYA facilitates the projects leading to decarbonisation by investing in them. Since there is an urgent need to reduce the import of the fossil-fuels to reach the goal of NetZero. The platform aims to work in the direction of GPS Renewable, which designs solutions to promote climate-friendly projects.

About the Company

The cleantech company GPS Renewables was set up in the year 2012 in Bengaluru. The co-founders Mainak Chakraborty and Sreekrishna Sankar came together with the vision to solve the garbage issue.

The company focuses on organic waste management to accelerate Low carbon emission into the atmosphere using bio-methanation technology to solve the issue.

GPS Renewables uses Artificial Intelligence technolog to produce BiogasBot- a solution for predicting bioprocess management. The company also came up with BioUrja, a modular biogas plant, and has around 100 installations across the country.

Image Courtesy: Startup Story