Winter season every year comes up with Festivals inclusive of Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali and many more ocassions. Post Covid consumers are more tilted towards Online Buying rather than purchasing Offline, this brings huge profits to Consumer Goods Industries many platforms come up with Sales Offer during the Festive Season. This year the sale is expected to rise high in comparison to past years even the trader’s body CAIT expects up to Rs 2.5 Lakh Crore infusion in the Market, bringing cheers to Production Industries.

Details provide the information that, TV, Home Appliance, FMCG Food and NonFood, apparel etc from offline and e-commerce channels have recorded almost 8-10 per cent volume growth over last years’s festive season. As sources provide an information this can be concluded, the sales record could be breahced this coming season despite facing inflamatory concerns.

Moreover, the online platforms are experiencing triggered sale after Navratri, such as,,, generate large amounts of profits as well a revenue, reason behind high sales on these platforms are Quality Product and Consumer’s trust, “Retails sells have picked up. We are expecting 8 to 10 per cent volume growth for the industry and 25 to 30 per cent by value,” said CEAMA President Eric Braganza.

Latest survey states, the Retailers Association of India (RAI) said in September 2022, retail businesses across India reported a growth of 21 per cent in sales as compared to pre-pandemic levels of September 2019, further the CEO, Kumar Rajagopalan said, “This festive season is expected to be a return to cheer season. There is a sense of thankfulness and well-being and also a sense of fulfilment of aspirations and luxurious cravings.”

In addition to this, Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) equivalent to 78 days of wages to non-gazetted railway employees is also going to help the consumers in their spending, as stated by CAIT. This clearly

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