Apple explores by moving some iPad production to India from China.

India is all set to appear as a significant hub for iPhone manufacturing. It now looks as if Apple’s got its eye on iPad production. According to two sources from CNBC, Apple plans to diversify its supply chain by producing some of its iPads in India.

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CNBC says there might be some complications in moving Apple’s iPad production to India. As it lacks highly skilled workers and people with experience in manufacturing complex devices like iPads. Due to recent territorial disputes between China and India, the military presence near the China-India border has increased.

The Apple company manufactures iPads in Vietnam too. It also plans to shift the production of its MacBooks and Apple smartwatches to Vietnam in August.

Apple is looking forward to moving up to 30 percent of its manufacturing outside China. It has been trying to diversify its manufacturing for years amid trade wars between the US and China and rising labor costs in China.

iPhone 14 manufacturing started in southern India after its launch.

Apple issued a warning in early November for iPhone 14 shipments delayed due to the Chinese government’s lockdowns. Due to nationwide protests over the past two weeks in response to Beijing’s touch zero-covid policy, the tech giant announced diversifying more of its supply chain away from China.

Veteran investors and Mobius Capital PartnersFounder Mark Mobius said in an interview that the Indian market is perfect. There is a growing trend of manufacturing companies shifting their base from neighboring countries to India.

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Apple became the first publicly traded US company to be valued at over $1 trillion in August 2018, then $2 trillion in August 2020 and most recently, $3 trillion in January 2022. It is ranked as one of the World’s most valuable brands.

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