Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) on Monday commenced Samsung Wallet, a safe and simple-to-use mobile payment service for all QIB debit, credit, and prepaid cardholders acquiring Samsung tools. According to an announcement by Zavia, Samsung Wallet proposes a safe e-payment avenue and also ratifies contactless payments at any shop in Qatar and abroad. Consumers will also be eligible to make online payments through Samsung Wallet at the period of checkout without having to penetrate their credit card details every time.

Qatar Islamic Bank: Qatar Islamic Bank was founded in 1982 as the initial Islamic financial organization in Qatar. Its commodities and policies are governed by a Sharia committee, which assures that the Bank holds to Islamic banking and financial beliefs. It is also the nation’s biggest Sharia-compliant lender.

Also, consumers can enhance up to 10 payment cards, comprising credit, prepaid, and debit cards to their Samsung Wallet. As the card digit is not stored on the mobile appliance, the wallet prepares for a highly safe procedure of payment

QIB’s General Manager of Personal Banking Group announced we are amused to acquire a safe and helpful mobile payment solution that facilitates consumers to turn their appliances into digital wallets. Samsung Wallet is the new accumulation to the protection of our mobile expenditure solutions and a significant notch towards the advancement of payment choices, participating in Qatar’s efforts to attain a cashless nation and grant our consumers more comfort when shopping or meal. 

As smartphones and smartwatches are rapidly renovating cards, we are eager to now propose to our consumers the preference of using Samsung Wallet for preparing online payments and wherever contactless expenditure is ratified, he said. All equipment should be revised to Android nine or elevated to obtain the Samsung Wallet on mobile phones and smartwatches. 

About Samsung Wallet

Samsung Wallet is a digital wallet platform created by Samsung. It is used for Samsung Galaxy-exclusive One UI Android operating system and was announced at the February 2022 Samsung Unpacked event on February 9, 2022. 

Samsung Pay Features

Samsung Pay permits you to use your credit, debit, gift, and membership cards on your appliance. Simply take a snap of your card or barcode, then tap to check out. Maintain your valuable cards in one place. Samsung Pay will permit you to hold your credit, debit, gift, and membership cards on your appliance.

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