The World’s most used Search engine Google’s web browser Chrome is well known for eating up the space from the laptops and PCs. The chrome’s issue of taking up the space in the system is resolved by the Google with the launch of the two new features, the Memory Saver Mode and the Energy Saver Mode on Friday, 9th December 2022.

The Google’s web browser Chrome utilises numerous gigabytes (GBs) of the memory which will soon cause the system to lag and makes the user unable to use the device.  The web browser by Google would eat up the space of the device like the Laptops and PCs even with 64 Gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM) but the release of the new features has resolved this major exaggerating issue caused by the Google chrome.

About the Chrome’s New Features

The Multinational technology company Google had declared the release of the new features yesterday, on 8th December 2022 and the Memory Saver and Energy Saver came into action on Friday, 9th December 2022.

The main aim of the Company on launching the two latest features for Google chrome is to optimise Google Chrome for protect the battery of the system from being drained quickly and the memory of the Device.

The Memory Saver Mode of Google Chrome

The Memory Saver feature enables the web browser Chrome to release the memory from the tabs which are in inactive phase, which in turn will allow the web browser to provide huge amount of the memory to the to the tabs in active phase and the ones in the forefront for working as compared to earlier, and enhance the execution of the tabs in the chrome.

The web browser Chrome will allow the tabs in the inactive mode to sleep by decreasing about 30 percent of the memory. The inactive tabs put to sleep will be reloaded into active one according to the user’s need.

The Energy Saver Mode of Google Chrome

The Energy Saver mode monitors the battery consumption by the Chrome browser. When the battery of the device becomes 20 percent, the Google Chrome’s Energy Saver Mode will pitch in and facilitate decreasing the background activities for the websites running on the browser including the animations, visuals, audios, videos.

The Company has announced that the new features will be available for the Chrome’s latest version, the Chrome v108 on Chrome OS, MacOS and Windows for the laptops and PCs.

Photo Credit-Computerworld