India based electric scooter manufacturing company Ola Electric has announced that the company is set to start 500 experience centres across the country. The Company also announced that it plans to launch the Experience Centres in the month of March this year on Thursday, 9th February 2023.

About the Launch of Ola Electric’s Experience Centres

The electric scooter manufacturing company Ola Electric has about 200 Experience Centres currently operating in various regions across the Country and by launching 500 new experience centres will help the company to reach out to its customer.

The Ola Electric’s Experience centre facilitates the customers to investigate about the products and the other services along with assisting them to purchase the electric bike and also get its servicing.

With respect to the launch of the new experience centres the Chief Executive officer of the company stated in his statement that currently around the 80 percent of the company’s customer are within the within the 20 kilometre radius to the experience centre already operating in the country whereas the company wishes to get more closer to its customers by setting up 500 new experience centres.

About the company Ola Electric

The Electricity based motorbike manufacturing firm of the country Ola Electric was established in the year 2017 by Bhavish Aggarwal, Ankit Jain and Anand Shah. The headquarters of the company is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The company has also introduced two products they are the lower variant of the company’s products, the S1 Air and the S1 Pro electric vehicles. The S1 Air Electric scooter has a battery backup of 3kWH and costs up to 99,999 INR whereas, the S1 pro model has a battery backup of 4kWH and is priced to 1,09,999 INR.

Photo Credit-The Financial Express