Debt funding of Rs.35 Cr has been raised by Epigamia– an yogurt brand from Grand Anicut. The startup had also raised a sum of Rs. 40 Cr from Danone and Mousse partners in June 2020.

To raise the sum of Rs.35 Cr a special resolution has been passed by the board at the company to issue 350 Non Convertible Debentures(NCD), at the price of 10,00,000 for each debenture from its regulatory filing with Registrar of Companies (RoC).

The Mumbai based Yogurt-brand provides huge range in yogurt,smoothie,curd and ghee based spreads. The company has leverage over a 10,000 offline marketing points like superstores such as Godrej, Naturesbasket and also on online platforms like big basket,amazon.

The company also expanded the Employee’s Stock Option Pool(ESOP) with the addition of 46,602 new options. According to Fintarckr’s estimation, the newly added ESOPs are worth $2.35 million which is equal to 18.64Cr INR.

The company’s revenue increased to 2% in FY21which accounts to 109Cr as compared to revenue generated in FY20,as per account statement filed with RoC. While the financial statement of FY22 is about to be filed.

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