The content monetising Creator based platform Cosmofeed has announced that the company has released its latest platform SuperProfile, which is a link-in-bio feature which will enable the content creators or the micro entrepreneurs to add all their products under one platform which can be monetised on Tuesday, 7th February 2023.

About the Company Cosmofeed’s latest platform SuperProfile

The online platform for the content creators the SuperProfile is designed in such a way that it assist the creator using it to concentrate their mark on the social media as the platform is created as an outermost layer of the framework over all the Social media platforms.

The platform allows the creators to generate a link, the link in bio feature, from which the creator or the influencer is able to add all the products and other information which can be monetised under one spot.

The platform offers the creators using it to combine all the products and other contents which can be monetised under one landing page, originally designed for the users in India. Also, the platform offers help to the creators to network their content and also to widen their reach amongst their audiences through this platform.

Besides this the platform also helps the creators who rely on the trading of the merchandise or endorsing the brands to get the direct monetary from their viewers, the platform enables the creators to do it more efficiently.

Thus the company aims to become the country’s primordial platform to focus on the longtail creator market and authorise the micro entrepreneurs and longtail creators to earn through the content they create.

About the Company Cosmofeed

The content Creator based platform Cosmofeed was established in the month of September in the year 2021 by two Co-founders Vivek Yadav and Vishnu Pathak. The headquarters of the company is based in Gurgaon, Haryana.

The Platform is a home for about 7,000 content creators and 20 percent of the creators among these creators are on monetising.

The company had secured fund of 1.5 Million US dollars in seed funding round by the angel investors including the growX ventures, Silk Bridge Partners, Swati Mohan, and many more.