The Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Mr Piyush Goyal has announced to release an online platform for the Start Ups based in the country named as MAARG. The abbreviation ‘MAARG’ stands for Mentorship, Advisory, Assistance, Resilience and Growth.

About the Portal MAARG

The release of the portal focuses on providing mentorship for the Start Ups and entrepreneurs of the country covering various sectors functions and stages. The Union minister also announced that the portal will be released by the central government on Monday, 16th January 2023.

The portal facilitates the start ups based in the country the access to get associated with the mentors in order to get counselling from the mentors to excel in their business.

Concerning the release of the MAARG portal the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Mr Piyush Goyal said that the matchmaking phase of the MAARG platform which will be released will allow the start up companies to get affixed to the mentors and councellors in order to avail the guidance and counselling.

National Start Up Awards 2022

Besides announcing the release of the MAARG Platform, the Union Minister also announced the winners of the National Start up Awards 2022. The Awards Management have invited applicants over 17 sectors. These sectors are further bifurcated into 50 sub sectors and 7 special categories.

The winning prize for the Award winners is said to be 5 Lakh Cash prize whereas, the one exceptional Incubator and an Accelerator will be receiving the award money worth Rs. 15 Lakh.

Photo Credit-Bankersadda