Wright Research, a Quant and AI-driven Investment Advisory firm raised $1M as seed capital from Orios Venture Partners.

Wright Research is an investment advisory and research firm that uses quantitative research and machine learning to create stable investment options to generate regular profits in all markets.

The firm will use these funds for its business growth, enhancing its technology stack and accelerating into institutional fund management.

This wealth-tech startup is founded by an IIT graduate Sonam Srivastava in 2019. Currently, it has around 40000 subscribers and 200 crores in assets under advisory. It is a robo-advisory firm that purely uses machine learning for generating wealth. With this addition of funds, the firm will boost its technology service and experience of subscribers, increase the number of subscribers as it plans for expansion of its business, and also for better Portfolio Management Services.

Previously, through the Government of India Nidhi-seed support system, the AI-driven firm also raised a pre-seed round with the BSE institute Startup.

The Indian market has myriad opportunities, which come and go dynamically, which is why well-researched and risk-managed quantitative investment strategies can really flourish here. We have seen the power of the rising retail investor in India who increasingly trusts technology. We are committed to providing our investors with an enhanced investment experience powered by quantitative research and a dedicated and transparent approach. We happen to make great strategies that have flourished in the last few years, which helps us in our mission.” Said Srivastava, Founder, Wright Research.

“We are excited to partner with Sonam on her journey to provide a quant-based hedge fund approach to retail investors and believe that this represents an extremely sophisticated strategy in investments thus far available only to high ticket size investors. We’re happy to support her in the democratization of this strategy, which has become a powerful trend in finance due to distribution via digital ecosystems” said Rajeev Suri, Managing Partner at Orios Venture Partners.

With the global tilt toward the digitalization of almost everything, the robo-investing methodology will be useful and will result in greater success for the fintech Industry. 

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Apurv Panigrahi