The technology oriented SaaS start-up SirionLabs have raised a sum amounting 25 million US dollars as an extended part of   the Series D funding round on Thursday, 5th January 2023. The funding round is led by the private equity company Brookfield Growth based in California.

About the Series D Funding Round for SirionLabs

The technology based start-up had raised an amount of 85 million US dollars as a part of the Series D funding round led by the global private investing company Partners Group. The Series D funding round witnessed the participation of the capital market company Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Limited and America based investment company Tiger Global, the company’s existing investors.

The company wishes to use the freshly accumulated fund to facilitate innovation for the products. Based on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The investment will help the start-up to brace its placement at the front line of the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Besides this, the start-up SirionLabs is focusing on spontaneous expansion of Research and Development (R&D) in all its hubs though out the world to anchorage the talent in Artificial Intelligence, experience of the users, thinking of the designs and data science.

With respect to the fund raised the chief executive officer of SirionLabs  said in its statement that the company’s superpower is that the company strives to go beyond the traditional Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and the operational efficiencies to scan and manage the executions against the terms and condition of the contracts, once the contract is being signed.

The CEO also mentioned in his statement that putting new life into the multiplex factors like the service levels, pricing mechanisms and obligations and utilising them to witness the hard-dollar savings, which might be a difficult path but it provides the customer a wide range of the business value.

About the Company SirionLabs

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based CLM platform SirionLabs was founded in the year 2012 by Ajay Agarwal, Kanti Prabha, Aditya Gupta and Claude Marias. Initially the headquarters of the company was based in Gurgaon, Haryana but currently its headquarters is based in Seattle.

The company provides easy to use platforms favours the businesses in the initial stages of the contract cycles to completing them.

Photo Credit-Business Wire