Not new, not a beginner. Red Newswire first gained it’s highest traffic of 10,000 visitors a fine day in November 2013 before which it was just a dormant site. A domain name that was just bought and kept on shelf for trying out things.

One day, a Facebook related news went breaking fences. Just from a 100-200 readers a day to 10,000 plus visitors a single day. That was just through social media shares and a purely organic traffic. No paid ads, pay per click campaigns or sponsored advertisements. We realized the potential of a good news, a news that is important and one that people like not just reading but letting others know about it and shared it.

Red Newswire was shared for over 1200 times that day and then began the journey of news writing, content curation, publishing and PR distribution services were launched in early 2014.

Red Newswire has since then partnered with over 300 national, regional and other news channels / websites in India.

It then moved forward to partner with more than 5000 news channels, PR agencies and portals worldwide in the US, UK, Middle East, Europe and all of Asia.

Though a slow and steady move to keep making consistent moves while building a profitable business from the second quarter of launching our paid services, but we published 150,000 plus article since then.

Then struck COVID-19 and we faced serious challenges in business. We slowed down operations to cut costs, shut several wings gradually. Unfortunately, we were also hit by Google Algorithm updates and site was hit with down rankings and thousands of pages were removed from Google’s index.

We’re back ! Re-booting it and starting all afresh. There’s new design on the site, new features, fast and accurate PR dissemination services through wire and of course a huge bounty of promotional discounts for our old customers and new ones out there. Let’s begin !

If your news is disseminated through Red Newswire – it’s everywhere, anywhere & anytime !

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