The technology based cell phone platform Park+ has announced that it has upraised the company’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mr Hitesh Gupta as the Co-Founder on Thursday, 16th February 2023.

The company have mentioned that the upraise of the Company Park+’s Chief Technical Officer is done in order to intensify the director authority of the company. Also, the company mentioned that Mr Hitesh Gupta will also continue as the head of the technical sector of the company.

About the company Park+’s Upraised Co-Founder Hitesh Gupta

The newly Upraised Co-Founder of the parking reservation company have a wide range of experience in the field of technology, mobile space, cloud computing and e-commerce.

He has also worked as the head of engineering-Payments at the country’s greatest mobile payment platform Paytm also, he provided his service as the Chief Technical officer at first ever online wallet for capital transfer Oxigen. Mr Hitesh Gupta also worked as Senior vice president –Engineering at the Midtrans. Besides this, Mr Hitesh Gupta has also co-founded a digital capital transaction platform PayMonk.

With respect to the recent progress the Chief Executive officer of the company said that Mr Gupta has been an essential part of the company throughout its journey and has fostered the technical department of the company since its beginning. He also mentioned that the upraise from the company’s CTO to the Co-Founder is a contemplation to his hard work, talent and the excellent execution, with which intensify the leadership of the company by two folds.

About the Company Park+

The technology based cell phone app Park+ was founded in the year 2019 by Mr Amit Lakhotia. The Headquarters of the company is based in Gurugram, Harayana.

The company offers the customers with reservation for parking renewal and recharge of the Fastag. The company secured funds amounting $17 million from the venture capital companies Epiq Capital, Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners in the month of January 2023.

Photo Credit-The Economic Times