The world’s most used social media platform Instagram has released a new feature named “Hacked”.  The Meta based app announced the release of its new feature on Thursday 15th December 2022, for the users to report and revive access to their account and other account-related issues.

The Meta-owned social media platform is focusing on decreasing the rate of the account hacking on the platform and have been working out to bring in more solutions to prevent this issue.

About the New Feature Hacked

Concerning the release of the new feature the social media platform published a Blog Post which stated that they have created a new portfolio, for the users to depend on the portfolio in order to report any queries related to the account and also to gain access to the accounts which have been hacked or disabled.

How Does the Feature Work?

In case the user is unable to log in to their account, then they need to open the link either on the cell phone browser or on the laptops and PCs. Next, the user gets various options related to the account being hacked, forgot password, account disabled lost access to account to two-factor authentication. Once the user selects the correct option related to the account issue, the portfolio provides guidelines in order to regain access to the account. In case the user holds multiple accounts on Instagram, they can choose which account needs to be revived.

Instagram also mentioned that it will remove the accounts which are found malevolent by the app’s system and also the ones which are found imitation the other accounts. The social media app said that it will give an admonition to those accounts which are scrutinised by the system as malicious accounts impersonating the other user’s account.

The social media app also said that in case the user is unable to login to their account then they can ask their friends to help them verify their identity and login to their accounts. Besides this, the Meta Company said that in order to let the users know if they are interacting with the verified or the real people on the app, they will also portray the verified logo in blue in more places like the stories, DMs and even in the feeds.

Photo Credit-Smartprix