Kerala High Court Declared that the world’s most used Searched Engine Google cannot affirm to the fact of not having any control over the content displaying for the search results on Friday, 23rd December 2022.

The Division Bench of Justices Shoba Annamma Eapen and Muhammed Mustaque analysed the judgement which contains Right to be forgotten and the manner which gets applied to the Court Judgement and proceedings publication, because of missing of any kind of special laws.

Concerning the above issue, the justices at the division Bench said that after carefully observing they cannot say that Google do not have any control over the information which gets displayed over the search results.

The statement from the justice of Division bench also contained that with the existence of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, it shouldn’t be difficult for the Search engine to identify the type of the content being displayed over the search tabs and also to take those out. As the Justices at the Bench said that Google uses the AI technology to identify the content which is required by the operators to display the best outcomes of the searches they are searching for.

The Division Bench of Justices at the Kerala High Court mentioned in the statements that publication of the verified records are secured by the constitution as a part of Article 19(I) (a), under the right to freedom of speech and expression.

About the judgment Issued by the Kerala High Court

The High Court of Kerala has issued the judgement upon keenly observing the pleas made by some litigations who wished that their personal information to be cleared from the search tabs from Google Search engine and also from Indian Kanoon legal website.

The litigants who made the pleas mentioned that even after the absolution from the justice, their names were displaying over the search tab of Google. The Court also mentioned that it is bothered by the eternal nature of information online, which is contradictory to the right to be forgotten.

The Kerala High Court also said that it is not difficult for the search engine to identify and clear off the information consisting personal details with the help of the AI technology and if it is not done by the Google then the court will infringe the affirmation based on the right to be forgotten.

Photo Credit-The Economic Times