The live-commerce platform linking the artificers and their craftsmen from India The Peepul Tree has announced that the company has bagged a sum of 6 million US dollars in a seed funding round on Wednesday, 11th January 2023.

About the Fund Generated by the Peepul Tree

The Seed Funding round of the live-commerce platform Peepul Tree was led by the Capital Investment Company Elevar Equity.

The Company said that the amount of the capital generated from the investment made by the Elevar Equity will be used to recruit the new employees for the post of Content Creators retail the products containing the abundance of heritage in the market and intensify the storytelling.

Besides this, the Firm also focuses to utilise the fund to make the digital platform for the artisan supply chain and also to facilitate the development of the latest technology to provide convenience to the artisans, content creators and the customers under one roof.

The company’s aim is to support the 100,000 artisans, around 1,000 content creators and over 500 craftsmen with the help of the funds generated by the company by the end of the year 2023.

Concerning the capital secured by the company, the Co-Founder of the company Anish Williams said that the company offers its gratitude towards the capital investment company Elevar Equity to believe in the motto of the their company and to be a part of their firm in being the country’s highest storytelling and heritage products marketing platform from the best artisans and craftsmen based in the country.

About the Company Peepul Tree

The company is established recently in the year 2022 by the Co-Founders Anish Williams, Priya Jayaraman and Mini Menon with its headquarters based in Kerala, India.

The company works with the artisans from various communities and content creators and the logistics chains to provide a demand of the heritage products and manage the delivery of the products worldwide via cluster-based approach.

Photo Credit – Entrackr