The Automation –as-a-service start up based on the Artificial Intelligence the EaseMyAI has announced that it has bagged funds amounting 1.8 Cr funds which is equal to 218,067 US dollars in a Seed Funding round on Wednesday, 1st March 2023.

About EaseMyAI’s Seed Funding Round

The Seed Funding round of the Artificial Intelligence based company was led by the start up investing company Inflection Point Ventures (IPV).

The company declared that the freshly raised funds from the investing company will be utilised in the production of the new product and also, to extend the operations of the firm in the new unexplored geographical regions. As the firm focuses on amplifying its functioning in the international level including United Arab Emirates, Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and many more.

With respect to the fund raised from the Inflection Point Ventures, the Chief Executive officer of the company EaseMyAI said in his statement that the company focuses on manufacturing the house of tools in order to provide ease to the enterprises using the tools so that they easily work on automation of the processes with much difficulties.

The CEO also added saying that the invest company Inflection Point Ventures have assisted the company in not only with the funding but also with providing the assistance in structuring the market strategy by connecting to other business owners.

About The Company EaseMyAI

The Artificial Intelligence based company EaseMyAI was established in the month of June of the year 2022, by the Co-Founders Gagan Randhawa, Surendra Sancheti, Jekin Dedhia, and Yaman Bharadwaj. The headquarters of the company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The company offers its customers, the agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing industries to automate their processes to Artificial Intelligence technology. The company has also provided its services to the companies including the ICICI Bank, Hitachi, Treasure Inc. and many more.

Photo Credit-Asia Tech Journal