Edtech Unicorn PW (Physics Wallah) is all set to employ people around all its verticals. Reportedly, PW is planning to hire 2500 employees for various roles across its verticals. Alakh Pandey, the co-founder of PW (Physics Wallah) wants a bright future for PW. These developments for the unicorn are for the betterment of students. Furthermore, this unicorn is on the path of growth and inspiration.

Furthermore, the company has ambitious goals which are extremely important for students. Thus, this hiring will significantly be important as it is open for various roles in the company.

However, massive layoffs are going on, in other startups. Earlier, Byjus, Unacademy, Vedantu, etc are some of the edtech companies that are in the process of layoffs. 

Unicorn PW (Physics Wallah) Background

Certainly, PW (Physics Wallah) has been contributing to the education system a lot. The Unicorn is highly appreciated for its system of affordable fees. This edtech startup started its journey in 2016 as a YouTube channel. Now, the unicorn runs an offline center in Kota, Rajasthan named “Vidyapeeth”.

This edtech platform prepares students for JEE and NEET exams. Additionally, it has been producing results favorable for students.

Apart from JEE and NEET, the company is now stepping its foot on other preparation exams too like GATE and CAT. 

Various roles like Batch managers, teachers, business analysts, counselors, and many more are open for hire.

Unicorn PW (Physics Wallah) Plans to Hire 2,500 Employees across Verticals

The PW (Physics Wallah) app has 5 lac downloads as of 2022. PW (Physics Wallah) has built a massive team of 6500 employees out of which 2000 are teachers and faculties. Additionally, it has around 12M subscribers on YouTube and is growing day by day.

It gives tough competition to modern-day online edtech channels. Unacademy, Vedantu, and Byjus are some of its competitors in the online market. Furthermore, offline coaching centers like Allen, Bansal, Aakash, etc are its competitors in the offline market.

Every startup sector is laying off employees. Big players like Google, Microsoft and Byju’s are laying off employees. PhysicsWallah remains in a different category. This unicorn is one of those companies which has not laid off its employees. 

In conclusion, PW (Physics Wallah) is growing and climbing heights every day.

Featured Image Credit: EdTech Review

Apurv Panigrahi